Wednesday, 25 January 2012


There's no place like home. 

A lazy day spent dressed for comfort, still while avoiding sweatysweatysweat pants. Result. 
This vintage jumper complete with pearl detail and shoulder pads (obviously), paired with a slouchy floor length primmy skirt makes the ultimate combo. Teamed with bunting and a blackboard filled with the cosiest of all slogans; today's noplacelikehome ensemble, works as the shabbiest of all chics. 


  1. i wish i could look good in a long skirt like you! I just look like a old person :( xx

  2. aw thanks chica, what a skirt - crazy comfy and somehow smart! xx fc

  3. i definitely cannot stay away from my sweatpants. i really wish i could look this adorable on lazy days! haha :)